Chairman's Message

Mr. Suresh Prasad Mishra


Phone: +91 8009136664

It is said that when the unexpected or impossible happens, you are caught off balance. In this third decade of the millennium, Indian economy was at an inflection point but we were unexpectedly hit by a pandemic wave from the East.

As the nation went in a lockdown, its impact was felt across all strata of our society. The youth had to shoulder the burden of the system collapse hurting the education sector. But unfazed by the unexpected crisis, dynamic professional institutions rose to the challenge as they set about energizing millions of young minds to fight the adversity. They rapidly retooled, redesigned and delivered a significant body of knowledge to deliver seamless digital learning engaging the youth across the country to alleviate the suffering of the young students, quenched their thirst of knowledge aided by smart tools and teachers, restoring sanity and peace in the society.

The increasing complexity of social issues is placing a greater burden not only on governments, but also on individuals. Many people now feel that it is not possible to solve these problems by relying on public services alone.

Our priority is solving actual problems on the ground. We engage in lively discussions with nonprofit organizations, corporations, governments, international organizations, researchers, and volunteers to arrive at possible solutions, and to initiate and implement projects.

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