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    Youth being the backbone of society, Saraswati Sewa Sansthan facilitates harnessing and nurturing of their infinite potential and energy for their development and prosperity thereby making them harbingers of positive social change.

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how challenging it is for children in rural and semi-urban areas to access quality education, whether online or offline. The effect of the lockdown has brought education to a standstill for millions of rural children.

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    While we can reach students through our existing programs, there are still many children in danger of being pushed out of formal education, and the marginalized populations, as always, remain at a greater risk.


There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.


Education promotes equality and lifts people out of poverty. It teaches children how to become good citizens. Education is not just for a privileged few, it is for everyone. It is a fundamental human right.

Help & Support

You will be surprised to know the many benefits of supporting an NGO campaign dedicated towards the welfare of children, especially considering they can indirectly touch your life.


Volunteering is mainly done to help other people in need and to give back to society. Volunteering activities are of different types, for instance, skill-based volunteering, micro-volunteering, emergency volunteering, online volunteering, etc.

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Raised: Rs 2,400 Goal: Rs 6,180

Education for Children

Across the spectrum from Early Childhood Education to Secondary Education, our programs strive to achieve focused objectives across different segments, as defined by our understanding of existing gaps and the impact of our innovations over time.

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Raised: Rs 2,400 Goal: Rs 6,180


Children living on the streets experience harsh conditions on a daily basis. Currently, they are at a higher risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Help Children Survive & Thrive In The THIRD Wave.

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Raised: Rs 2,400 Goal: Rs 6,180


Poverty is perhaps the worst form of violence against children. In a country where 40 per cent of the population is poor, vulnerability to various forms of deprivation potentially affects almost one in two children.

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Raised: Rs 2,400 Goal: Rs 6,180


As many as 48% of Indian children under the age of 5 are stunted, a sign of chronic malnutrition.Our ultimate aim is to ensure full physical and mental growth and development in children by providing appropriate nutrition .

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Why Children?

Children are the building blocks of our nation’s future. Let’s invest in their potential today, so that they can become our scientists, politicians, sportspeople, journalists and teachers of tomorrow!

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What Others Said

Arthur Damon AUS

Saraswati Seva Sansthan has treated around 10,000 polio afflicted children to stand on their own and made a world record. This is a pious ritual of Flawless Service in which Narayana Seva Sansthan is continuously engaged.

Joana Doe USA

I had heard a lot about Saraswati Seva Sansthan and I respect them for their wonderful work.

My blessings are with you and hope you have a good treatment.

Carla Blount UK

Saraswati Seva Sansthan is working hard day and night for the welfare of the poor mass community. Saraswati Seva Sansthan has only one motto i.e; to bring back the happiness on the faces of more and more people, serving people of our own country and making their lives better and easier.

Philip Stevens Supplier

We at Air France-KLM have been working in close co-operation with Saraswati Seva Sansthan to help empower underprivileged children and youth through relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes. Since 2010, we have supplemented substantial support system.

Why donate to us?

When you donate for such children through our NGO, you are bringing them out of danger and giving them a protected environment to live with all the basic necessities and have a fair shot in life.

We will also send you the details of your beneficiary along with an annual report about their educational progress. If you want to meet the child in person, we can arrange a visit for you to get first-hand feedback on the change your donation has brought to the child’s life.

Support our ‘operation kindness’ through donation for orphans. Your donation can change generations for life.

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